2023 Tree Planting Schedule

            Coordinator: Jim Weaver                          jmwvr69@gmail.com                                          570 439 7729

Dates, Muster Time and locations of Plantings:

4/29, 9:00 am Patterson Lumber-West Branch Pine Creek

5/06, 9:00 am Patterson lumber-Long and Blue Runs

5/10,  4:00 pm  SGL 208 – Long Run

5/13,  9:0 am  SLG 64 – Phoenix Run

5/20,  9:00 am  Sassaman – Long Run

Muster @ Sugar House, 428 Copp Hollow Road, Wellsboro.                                                  All dates are Saturdays except for Wednsday 5/10. From muster point will proceed to planting site. Carpooling encouraged.If you, or someone you know, needs transportation call Jim. Planting sites are located along streams and wetlands so wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Training, assistance, tools, gloves and water provided. Bring your own snacks. Planting sessions will last around 3 hours.